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TOP 20 Ubuntu distros 2023/01

TOP 20 most visited Ubuntu-based Linux distributions in January 2023 on Linuxiarze.pl The following list of the most popular Linux distributions based on Ubuntu in January 2023 is purely illustrative and is based on page views of Linuxiarze.pl users. Distribution, download, installation guides and comments pages were taken into account in

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Linux distributions still support the 32 bit architecture in 2023 part3

Peppermint OS   Peppermint OS is a general purpose Linux distribution based on Debian and Devuan (formerly Lubuntu). By design, Peppermint is supposed to be a lightweight, fast system that does not consume large computer resources. Download PLD   PLD (PLD Linux Distribution) is a Polish Linux distribution developed since 2002 (first release). The system is

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