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TOP 10 rescue operating systems in 2023

The following list is dedicated to the most popular operating systems of the Linux, BSD, Solaris, AROS, DOS and other independent systems that offer a customized, ready-to-use rescue system. The list contains systems that caught your attention the most, from the beginning of January to the end of July 2023 on the portal.

The list takes into account pageviews of distribution, downloads and comments.

The full list of rescue systems can be found at:

1. SparkyLinux
sparky 8 xfce
SparkyLinux is a Linux distribution built on Debian. It has a pre-installed rich set of programs, codecs and plug-ins enabling free work on the computer. The Rescue Edition is a Live DVD/USB system with no hard drive installation option. Live provides tools to analyze and repair damaged files, partitions, and operating systems.

2. All in One
all in one
All in One System – Rescue Toolkit (AIO) is a live Linux distribution designed to repair systems, recover files, and reset Windows passwords. The AIO is based on Lubuntu and comes with several rescue tools for use by technicians and system administrators.

boot repair disk
Boot-Repair-Disk is a Linux distribution built on top of Debian.
The system comes with a Boot-Repair program that allows you to restore the bootloader with one click. The process is fully automated and allows for a “stress-free” repair of the bootloader.

4.GParted LiveCD
gparted livecd
GParted (GNOME Partition Editor) is a disk partition management tool. The program allows you to create, copy, read, delete, move and resize partitions. It supports many types of file systems, such as Btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, JFS, SWAP, NTFS, Reiser4, ReiserFS, UFS and XFS.

5. Clonezilla Live
clonezilla live
Clonezilla is a specialized live Linux distribution that allows you to back up the entire system or individual directories and restore them. The main version is built on the unstable branch of Debian “Sid” and the alternative version is based on Ubuntu.

6. Redo Rescue
redo rescue
Redo Rescue (previously: Redo Backup and Recovery) is a specialized distribution designed for cloning and restoring MS Windows and Linux disks and partitions. It is built on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (previously on Lubuntu). Redo works in Live mode without the need to install on a disk.

7. Ikki Boot
ikki boot
Ikki Boot is a bootable specialized CD/USB containing tools for computer error detection, disk partitioning, system backup, etc. The live disk contains tools and applications such as: SliTaz, GParted, Clonezilla, TestDisk, Darik Boot, Nuke and Super Grub Disk.

8. G4L
G4L (formerly: Ghost for Linux) is a specialized Linux distribution for cloning partitions and entire disks. The default backup program is Partimage. G4L is similar in functionality to the proprietary Norton Ghost.

9. Parted Magic OS
parted magic os
Parted Magic OS is a commercial, specialized Live Linux distribution. It is used to manage, test and diagnose disk partitions, memory and other computer components. The system can be booted from a CD, USB flash drive, or hard drive without installation (using PXE).

10. Snal Linux
snal linux
Snal (Simple Networked and Live) Linux is a small Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. It comes with the i3 window manager and includes the Firefox web browser as well as several network tools and file systems.

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