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TOP 10 distributions offering the GNOME desktop in 2024

TOP 10 most frequently visited Linux distributions, BSD and other operating systems that offer support/ready live/installation images with the GNOME desktop in 2024 on the portal

GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) – a graphical user environment based on the X Window System and GTK+ and GDK widgets. Works on most Unix-like systems.

The following list of the 10 most popular Linux distributions, BSD, Solaris and other operating systems using the GNOME desktop is limited to 10 Linux distributions, because these are the ones that dominate this category in 2024. The list is purely illustrative and is based on page views of users of the portal. The ranking included distribution and download pages, installation guides and comments.

1. Ubuntu
ubuntu 22.04 lts
Ubuntu is a Live Linux distribution based on Debian, which can be installed on a hard drive. The distribution is sponsored by Canonical and the Ubuntu Foundation and the first version was released in 2004. Ubuntu, like its predecessor, contains only free software, but it is also possible to install proprietary packages and from other repositories.

2. Debian GNU/Linux
debian 11 xfce
Debian is one of the oldest Linux distributions appreciated for its stability, a package management system that automatically solves dependency problems and security. Contrary to popular belief, Debian is not a particularly difficult system to install and manage, with a bit of commitment it will reciprocate with failure-free operation for a very long time.

3. Kali Linux
kali linux
Kali Linux is a specialized Linux distribution for security testing and cracking. The system is based on the Debian distribution from the testing branch and is equipped with the GNOME desktop. Kali Linux is the sequel/new version of Back|Track.

4. Manjaro Linux
manjaro linux
Manjaro Linux is a Live distribution built on Arch Linux and aimed at PC users. Manjaro Linux is offered in versions with the following desktops: Xfce, KDE and GNOME.

5. Fedora
fedora 37
The project was created in 2003 based on Red Hat. Since 2005, the development of Fedora has been handled by the Fedora Foundation, which coordinates work on the system independently of Red Hat. Fedora Core contains the latest versions of packages that, after testing, go to Red Hat.

6. openSUSE
opensuse 15
openSUSE is an easy-to-use Linux distribution for PCs, laptops and servers. The openSUSE project is sponsored by Novell and was spun off from SUSE as an open, community version in 2005 (SUSE since 1994).

7. Knoppix
Knoppix was the first Linux distribution created as a Live CD/DVD, i.e. run from a disk without the need for installation, by German engineer Klaus Knopper. The system is based on Debian testing with the default LXDE graphical environment (CD version) and can be installed on a hard drive or portable drive.

8. Nobara
nobara 37
Nobara is a Linux distribution based on Fedora, it is a modified version of Fedora Linux with added user-friendly tweaks. The distro includes some features that don’t come with regular Fedora, such as WINE dependencies, OBS Studio, third-party codec packs for GStreamer, NVIDIA drivers, and some package fixes.

9. Zorin OS
zorin os 12
Zorin is a distribution built on Ubuntu and aimed at beginner Linux users. The graphical interface is similar to MS Windows 2000, XP, 7 or Mac OSX (optional). It has pre-installed codecs, plug-ins and closed-source programs that will make it easier to switch from another system to Linux.

10. MX Linux
mx linux
MX is a Linux distribution based on antiX. The system uses the Xfce desktop by default. The project is developed in cooperation with the Mepis distribution community.

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